[Market-farming] Potato furrows and eggplant (separately)

Carla Maness manessfarm at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 21:52:05 EDT 2012

We use a middle buster to plant our potatoes, and it works great. We use
the middle buster for the furrow, then we drop in the seed potato, and then
we cover with our hiller disk set up. We used to try and drop the seed
potato in by hand, but we plant nearly a thousand pounds of potatoes and it
took forever. We now hook our mechanical transplanter up and I sit and ride
while dropping the potatoes in the pre-made furrow. It's a little harder to
judge spacing this way, but I can get pretty close and it's so much faster
and easier.

Eggplant: We grow Nadia, Night Shadow, and Santana for large eggplant.
Production was down due to extreme heat and drought, but with this
combination we managed to have eggplant every week for market. When one
variety was lagging behind, one of the others was picking up the slack.
It's a combination that we grow every year with good results.

Perkins, OK

On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 4:08 PM, Pam Twin Oaks <pam at twinoaks.org> wrote:

> Two things I'd like to hear the collective wisdom on:
> What do folks use to make furrows for potatoes? We used walk-behind
> rototillers with attachments for years. This past year we got a set-up for
> the tractor, but it didn't work well. It used a set of discs arranged to
> push soil to each side. But it wasn't deep enough and we got a lot of green
> potatoes. I've heard of some people using a middle-buster - is this the
> best thing? (If so, I'm putting two on my wish list right now!)
> Second, can anyone recommend a good heat-tolerant eggplant variety? We
> like large traditional shape purple-black ones. We love Nadia, but this
> summer it refused to set fruit for a while. Are there "hot-set" eggplants?
> I need a reliable productive one, probably a hybrid.
> Pam, twin oaks Community, central Virginia, zone 7a
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