[Market-farming] Paint to deter wasps, does it work on birds?

Barking Cat Farm barkingcatfarm at mindspring.com
Wed May 30 17:50:38 EDT 2012

Great tip, Carol.  Do you know if this works for barn swallows? They return several times every year to build a nest on our back porch, and we are trying to encourage them to build in a more agreeable location for everybody. We've boarded off the eaves, so there is no ledge for them, but they can still try to build on the flush boards.  

We love the birds, and welcome seeing the flight lessons they give the fledglings off of our roof each season as well as their insecting talent, but not the constant dive-bombing and mess as we step out the back door.  And they have many more suitable places to nest in the area.  Anybody know if the paint works for birds?

Laurie Bostic
Barking Cat Farm
Heath, Texas
barkingcatfarm at mindspring.com

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