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KAKerby at aol.com KAKerby at aol.com
Wed May 30 14:35:19 EDT 2012

Now that's a neat trick.  Thanks for sharing.  Might not help  with our 
truck issue this year, but we also have lots of wasp nests under our  eaves.  
That would solve that particular problem very nicely.

I did run into an interesting folk legend regarding wasps a few years  ago. 
 Apparently in some parts of the world, it's considered good luck to  have 
wasps build a nest over a doorway, like the house door or barn door.   
Something about wasps know to build their nests in peaceful places, where there  
are only good intentions coming and going below them, and they'd keep harm 
from  coming inside.  Somehow that stuck with me.  Just wish I could figure  
out a way to sweet-talk the hornets out of the truck.  I need a  "hornet 
Kathryn Kerby, who talks to bees but not hornets
Snohomish, WA
Ruminations - essays on the farming life at  frogchorusfarm.com/weblog.html
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mossgathers at gmail.com writes:

We  decided to try painting a carport ceiling a t'aint blue which can
be  anywhere in the light blue/ light aqua color range. Wasps and dirt
dobbers  will not build nests there because it fools them into seeing
sky or water.  We have also noticed a lot less spider webs. This could
be done on eaves,  porch ceilings and anywhere you have a flat wood
surface and anywhere you  have a paintable surface where wasps like to
build. We were afraid of the  color scheme but it looks great and adds
a caribbean feel although you  can't see it from the street.
Carol Moss
Moss Gathers
Celina, TX  75009
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