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Sort of a similar situation here that I just learned about yesterday.   
We're getting ready for hay season, and the big cab-over-engine flatbed we use  
to move hay bales is now very much inhabited by either wasps or hornets.  I 
 don't want to go the "wasp bomb" way, but we can't get close enough to 
tell even  where the nest is.  Might be way up in the engine compartment, or 
they  might be flying through a vent to/from the cab itself.   Unfortunately, 
the windows are rolled up and we can't get the doors open  without getting 
stung to even see if they found some entrance/exit into the  cab.  I'm not 
sure how to proceed with clearing this vehicle other than the  so-called bomb. 
 Any ideas?  If they were honeybees, I'd be delighted  to have another hive 
and I could vacuum them while wearing my bee suit in  perfect safety.  But 
hornet and yellowjacket stingers go right through  those suits.  I'm not 
looking forward to this particular farm  project.  Not at all.  Time for an 
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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I certainly see plenty of  wasps in my greenhouse, though.  Is there a 
preferred OMRI approved  control or just knock ' em down at night?  

Unless they are posing a threat to us working nearby, we leave the wasps  
alone, as many varieties help with caterpillar and other pest control. If 
they  are posing a stinging threat to humans, we just wait till dusk and knock 
down  the nest. The exception here are yelliwjackets, which are very 
aggressive.  Only OMRI approved control that I know of other than knocking the nest 
down  (which is dicey with them due to their temperament) is to have a 
licensed  exterminator remove them with a vacuum. In our case, we hired a 
beekeeper  after one of our workers found them nesting in our rosemary bush. 

The paper wasps, potter wasps, great golden digger wasps, and red wasps  
just ignore us. 

Good luck, 

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