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Flea beetles have been outrageous.  We just discovered leek moth.  And as of
this afternoon, confirmed downy mildew on the onions we planted last fall to
overwinter.  Got out in the rain/mud and cut them off and stuffed them into
huge (heavy) barrel liners, hoping to keep spores away from out spring
planted onions about 400 feet away.  Will spray copper if it dries out
tomorrow.  Onions and garlic used to be totally trouble free, no-brainers.
Not anymore. Few CPB, but we normally have light populations. Don't like the
sound of the cuke beetles Andy.  I am growing cukes inside this year in
hopes of having fewer and controlling them better.  They decimated the cukes
last year, and the cukes that made were extremely scarred. Hoping for a
better cuke year. And potato year - but late blight has been found in New
Jersey and on Long Island. Apparently from Maine seed potatoes (sorry
Mainers, no offense meant, just info).


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Anyone else seeing many more pests this spring?  Asparagus beetles are at
least 10X what I experienced last year and we have an infestation of
cucumber beetles in the high tunnel.  In past years, we haven't had near as
many cucumber beetles in the house as outside, but this year it seems to be
the opposite.


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