[Market-farming] Insect Pressure

Lucy Owsley boulderbelt at embarqmail.com
Tue May 29 16:53:22 EDT 2012

here in Ohio i am seeing few pests and I believe it is because we do not
spray anything for insects, not even neem or soap and have allowed our
beneficial insect population to really build up and they seem to be keeping
things in check. We also have been into major soil building and feeding the
past 2 years and that has also had a positive effect. We didn't have any
asparagus beetles at all on the asparagus until about 5 days ago and 7 days
ago I quit cutting it as sales had fallen way off and my CSA members were
not taking much at pick up. And the population we have is well under past
years (and about 2 weeks later than normal).

I also think our hot March followed by a cold wet April has also killed off
a lot of pests around here.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH
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