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I don't have any problem with it clogging. I typically put it through a 4 gallon piston pump backpack sprayer. I've put it on straight and in combo with fish/seaweed, sticker, Entrust, BT, etc. 

Never any clog issues. 

Add surround(and any other dry ingredients) to a bucket. Add water to surround while stirring. Stir until well mixed. Add liquids and/or sticker.  Pour into sprayer and top up with water.

Shake the sprayer every so often while applying and clean up good at end. I pour it out. Spray rinse. Dump. Add water. Pump and spray with nozzle removed until clear. Wash nozzle with hose. Good to go. 


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> Getting ready to try if first time, on squash. I have read it clogs sprayers, and the folks turn their trays upside down and dunk, and the plants stay in their trays (we’ll see), what brings me to wonder – any experience putting a concentrate in a hose end sprayer and spraying?  The labeled rates are pretty wide, so calibration doesn’t look like an issue.
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