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Carla Maness manessfarm at gmail.com
Tue May 22 21:46:16 EDT 2012

Thank you for this information. I think I'll back off and let the
restaurants approach me when they want produce. That seems to be the way
it's going any way.  I wanted to make sure and have what ever they might
want, but it seems they don't know. And, the one restaurant I've been
dealing with is an Italian restaurant, and Olive Garden just came to
Stillwater recently, so I'm sure my chef is worried about that!

Thanks again,
Perkins, OK

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 11:09 AM, Richard Stewart <rstewart at zoomtown.com>wrote:

> None of our chefs commit to anything.  No contracts.  Nor do we ask.  We
> know that our pricing is acceptable to them and we ask a simple question:
>  "If we grow it, how much do you think you will realistically purchase per
> week?"
> Some of our chefs will tell us up front others simply cannot.  A small
> restaurant  in a down economy may see massive swings in seating during a
> season.  Menus may remain static throughout the year while others change
> every three to four weeks.  Even though I do not supply in the Indianapolis
> area I am on a mailing list for R Bistro who changes weekly it seems based
> on what is available.  Others may have steady reliable business for a
> certain period of time because of their proximity or association with a
> hotel or entertainment district.
> A lot of what we do is based on previous years' data.  Having been moving
> in this direction for only three years that data is slim.  If a chef tells
> as he plans on order 20# of salad mix and 20# of kale each week we do know
> how many row feet or transplants it will take to support that single
> customer.  Sometimes we get burned but its REALLY rare and usually involves
> specialty things.  Chefs, from our experience want staples and in large
> quantities.
> We end up doing some value added stuff at no charge, like Sage Blossoms.
>  Too few to sell properly, extremely easy to spend 2 minutes to harvest
> stems with a half dozen flowers and throw into a bag.  We get known for
> being throwing in fun stuff like that and its another leg up...not on other
> local growers, but on Sysco and US. Foods.
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