[Market-farming] Shade cloth for lettuce

Harriet Allen hattie_allen at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 17:56:33 EDT 2012

I have been using the 40% cloth I bought and if I buy more, I'll go to 30%.  It works fine when it is really really hot and dry, but more light would probably be better and if things get damp, the lettuce can go downhill really fast with all that shade...encourages critters, mold, etc.
I do take it on and off, but I think I'd be happiest with 30%.  I'm in Zone 7 (probably B now), but we are particularly humid here most of the time in summer...although we have had extended months of drought these last few summers.  Our rainfall is behind again this year and luckily it rained three inches in time for farmers to plant soy and corn statewide just about the beginning of May...Not much since then though.
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Lewes, DE, Zone 7  
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