[Market-farming] Flower Bouquet now hourly employees

Carol W Larsen sunborn at mhtc.net
Sun May 20 11:46:28 EDT 2012

I have the employee do the work. There is a sign in and sign out sheet at a
convenient place. I, too, cannot rely on my memory entirely when I am out in
the field. When it is time to pay, I pay the time that is on the sheet. 
Wish we has some rain.
Carol Larsen
Sunborn llc
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Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping track of hourly employees? I've
hired 3 people who all work part time, and I'm having trouble keeping track
of who was here when, and how long they worked. Typically I'm already in
the field when one will arrive and trying to rely on memory isn't working
out too well. I've tried keeping track in a notebook, but it never fails
that the notebook is in the house and I'm in the field.

Perkins, OK

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