[Market-farming] Shade Cloth for summer lettuce

MAsteveINE MAsteveINE at 207me.com
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I am thinking that shade on hoops is going to be a heat collector as well is blocking 

the wind/breeze that is vital to wiping away moisture causing mold.

Ideally shade would be several feet above the crop and wide enough to allow for

 the path of sun thru several hours of the day. In florest crops horizontal wires are on

are on posts and the cloth laid over the wires and attached  at the perimiter. As with 

hoop house poly it is better allow cloth to pull free rather than have it wrech itself and/or the


Probably a 50% light color of knitted cloth would be best investment.


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  We are looking at shade cloth as a means of delaying bolting in our summer lettuce.  We're looking at covering individual beds with shade cloth supported by #9 hoops, but am curious what shade cloth % you have found to work best.  30%?  50%?  Higher?   

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