[Market-farming] Harlequin bugs, revisited

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Fri May 18 14:06:18 EDT 2012

Once you get a trap crop filled with insects, that's when a flamer comes 
in handy.

Steve Diver

Richard Stewart wrote:
> Steve
> Not too sure it will help, but we found over the last two years an 
> amazingly large number of the insects in our horseradish.  We are up 
> to about a 100 pounds of harvest so you can imagine quite a bit of 
> leaf density.  The thing is, they did zero damage to the root harvest 
> even though 1/3 of all leaves were heavily damaged.  They were not 
> found in adjacent beds.   I am wondering if you could use it as a trap 
> crop.
> This year we companion planting horseradish in 30' beds with sweet 
> potatoes in side-by-side rows with another bunch of sweet potato rows 
> by themselves as a control of sorts.  It'll be interesting to see 
> there is a similar density of insects in these rows as well.
> Anyone else have similar experience?

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