[Market-farming] Harlequin bugs, revisited

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Thu May 17 09:17:29 EDT 2012

What organic methods have anybody found that works against
harlequin bugs?

We got some of that new ORMI-approved Azera (pyganic + azadirachitn)
and it appears to be really effective for squash bugs and flea beetles,
also cucumber beetles, but we only use as a last resort due to it
expense -- similar to Entrust.

Azera appears to knock harlequin bugs down, but then 90% get up
and start moving around after 20 minutes.

I think we have the Pyganic 1.4.   Would the Pyganic 5.0 make
a difference?

As soon as the brassicas/arugula are gone I don't see harlequin
bugs hanging around on summer crops, but there is a window
of infestation in spring when they cause a headache.

Steve Diver

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