[Market-farming] sorta OT - update on our organic certification process (long)

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Sun May 13 10:57:34 EDT 2012

I used to be terrified of inspections. They were never anywhere near  
as bad as I expected.

It sounds like you've found an inspection agency and inspector who are  
working well with you. Remember that their interest is in getting you  
to the point at which you can pass inspection, not in trying to flunk  
you even though you're trying to meet the standards. Yes, you do have  
to do basically what your plan says you're going to; and yes, there's  
undoubtedly work that needs to be done; but, given that you're taking  
it seriously, it'll happen.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale (certified since 1988)

On May 12, 2012, at 10:51 PM, KAKerby at aol.com wrote:

> So I spent most of the rest of yesterday bouncing between Cloud 9  
> and "OMIGOD the inspection is coming up!  Augh!"

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