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Have you had a soil test done?  That would be the first step.  Boron is
not on routine soil test, you have to request it specifically.  I do not
know how soil test are being done in the US, but up here in Québec, you
have to ask for boron to be tested using the "hot water" method, not the
usual Mehlich III protocol (which is not precise enough with boron to be
useful).  Deficiency level is considered to be below 1.1 ppm.  In my
case, I have 0.55 ppm.

At least in Québec, organic certifiers now require that you have the
boron deficiency diagnosed and documented by an agronomist before you
are allowed to supplement boron fertilisation.  Check with your
certifying agency first if you are certified organic.

In any case, be very careful applying boron, as the phytotoxicity level
of boron is fairly low.  Dosage have to be measured precisely.
Reputedly, those using organic fertilisation (manure and compost) do not
need to supplement boron as these do contain oligo-element already, and
repeated application should be sufficient to maintain proper level of
soil boron.

For the current crop, you could do a foliar application of Solubor on
your beet.  Otherwise, it might be easier to spread Borax when you work
the soil; about a pound an acre is what is usually recommended (but
verify that first).

Good luck with that!


On 12-05-09 06:29 PM, Lloyd Blackwell wrote:
> We have an obvious boron deficiency in our beets this year. Not all of  
> the beets are affected but several have the black spots and cracking  
> associated with a boron deficiency . Has any one had experience with  
> this. Would adding boron now be any use on this years crop? We are  
> having a year to remember. No rain for 3 weeks we are  water already.
> thanks
> Lloyd
> Lloyd Blackwell
> lloydblackwell at centurytel.net
> www.blackwellfamilyproduce.net
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