[Market-farming] Holding Down Row Cover

Etienne Goyer etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
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Dubois Agrinov has bags made specially for holding down row cover:


I bought a box of them.  They work wonderfully well.  But at 1.25$/bag,
they are mighty expensive.  They are supposed to last 7 year, though.

On 12-05-05 09:16 AM, Richard Robinson wrote:
> On 5/5/2012 at 9:00:22 AM, andrea davis wrote:
>> How have people found is the best way to hold down row cover?  In the past I
>> have put dirt on it but then it is always a pain to remove it when things
>> need to be checked on.  I heard something about laying rebar on the edges.
> I have tried rebar a couple times, but the rust on the bar grabbed the fuzz on the row cover, and wouldn't release easily. Stones work fine, but are variably sized and have no handles, making them somewhat of a pain to repeatedly move for inspection under the cover. Milk jugs with smaller stones in them (cut out on the side for filling, and with drain holes in the bottom) work well but have two problems: you need a generous amount of fabric on the ground underneath them for best holding power, since they exert no lateral force (unlike a sandbag) on the cover, and are likely themselves to be tipped over in a strong wind by the fabric pushing up on them; and they break down pretty quickly, and need replacing every year. I am trying small sandbags this year (10"x14", with ties) and can see their benefits. The tied top provides a handle, and they will lean into the vertical face of the fabric against a hoop, both holding the fabric and making the bag itself very hard to blow over
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