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Thu May 3 16:35:19 EDT 2012

I know there's a lot of overlap between members of this market-farming  
group and the CSAFarmers group, but I wanted to put the word out to both groups 
 just in case there were folks who weren't on both lists.  I'm working  on 
polishing up the "how to define a CSA" language that we got started  a few 
weeks ago on the CSAFarmers list.  I hope to have it ready to send to  the 
group this afternoon.  That language, though not finalized or  perfect, might 
be something useful when folks are trying to spread the word  about what 
they do, how they do it and why folks would want to  participate.
I'm also working on the language for how CSAs differ from food hubs,  
farmers markets, and other distribution models.  I may or may not be  finished 
with all those other definitions this afternoon.  But I'm working  on it.  If 
not today, it'll be tomorrow or Saturday.  It's taken way  more time and 
effort than expected to compile all the comments made on this  topic over the 
last few weeks.  But I think (hope) it'll be helpful as  folks try to figure 
out how best to spread the word.  I also hope that our  discussions will 
continue for how to put the best polish on the language for  each term.  But 
I'll at least have something to start with, which was  compiled from what 
everyone has already sent along the way.  More to come  in the next few 
PS - some of you will recall that I sent out a quickie note about a  week 
ago about being smacked in the face by my horse.  Turns out I had a  mild 
concussion.  Went to have it checked out after five days of symptoms  like 
dizziness, headaches and drowsiness.  Thankfully, no hidden time bombs  to worry 
about.  Just a request from the ER doctor that I take it easy and  let 
things heal without pushing so hard.  I think farmers are more  prone to just 
"tough out" various injuries and keep working.  In my case,  trying to keep up 
the pace was only slowing down my recovery.  If anyone on  either list ever 
gets a good knock to the brainpan, please go have it checked,  and give 
yourself permission to slow down at least a little.  I'm glad I  did.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
Ruminations - essays on the farming life at  frogchorusfarm.com/weblog.html
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I put a flyer up in the post office and places where  people pass thru a 
lot...one thing I was going to do  is talk to a church and see if they would 
mention it  in their sunday bulletin. I've also gotten a small school that  
send emails to parents to mention us...After a the 1st year it tends to be  
word of mouth....

Good  Luck
have  Fun
Dave  z6

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I'm looking for help in advertising our  CSA and getting members.  We are 
branching out this year with starting a  small CSA.  The CSA will beginning 
the last week of June but I still  don't have many people signed up and I'm 
getting nervous.   

I'm doing my best to get the word out.  I have sent emails to our email 
list, posted on the farm's Facebook  page, listed on craigslist, its been 
mentioned a few times in the local small  town paper's food section.  
Unfortunately we are not at the farmers  markets until the end of June.

What has everyone found to be a good way  to get the word out?

Thanks in advance for all the words of  wisdom,

Quarter Acre Farm
Sonoma,  CA

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