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I put a flyer up in the post office and places where people pass thru a lot...one thing I was going to do is talk to a church and see if they would mention it in their sunday bulletin. I've also gotten a small school that send emails to parents to mention us...After a the 1st year it tends to be word of mouth....

Good Luck
have Fun
Dave z6

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I'm looking for help in advertising our CSA and getting members.  We are branching out this year with starting a small CSA.  The CSA will beginning the last week of June but I still don't have many people signed up and I'm getting nervous.   

I'm doing my best to get the word out.  I have sent emails to our email list, posted on the farm's Facebook page, listed on craigslist, its been mentioned a few times in the local small town paper's food section.  Unfortunately we are not at the farmers markets until the end of June.

What has everyone found to be a good way to get the word out?

Thanks in advance for all the words of wisdom,

Quarter Acre Farm
Sonoma, CA
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