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Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Wed May 2 15:58:10 EDT 2012

Thanks for sharing of your journey into value added products.  Fun to take
unusuals to market, then watch the wheels turn in chef's heads. We got
happy last spring, stripping all the leaves off of bolting spinach stalks
and throwing in salad mix.  A chef saw those tiny, dk. green triangles and
placed a standing order, for a 'micro' garnish.  Ended up making more on
some of these plants when they bolted, than when picking at the leaf stage.
 You never know!

We've been selling brassica flowers since mid-Feb, pods soon after.  Field
grown and covered when below 25F.  They're genetically programmed to
survive the winter if possible, then bloom early.  Perhaps as helpful as
temp control, row cover helps keep the ground thawed and minimizes
desiccating wind.

These extended, tiny blooms great for beneficials. If the bad bugs get most
of the winter off, extended habitat and food help the good ones survive and
reproduce early, too.  Cilantro bloom on the way to coriander does this
well, over much of the year.

At OSA meeting last Jan, saw cleaning equipment for round seed that was
just a huge, circular marble run.  Seeds roll down and leave the trash
behind.  Scalable.

Richard Moyer
SW VA, Usually around zero but only 10F this year.
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