[Market-farming] Flower Pods and Local Food (Was: hardiness of cabbage, garlic?)

Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Tue May 1 21:45:35 EDT 2012

We are still working on when the optimum time is to harvest the coriander green.  It should look like a little bright green translucent grape.  WHen you bite into them there should be almost no resistance and the taste should be pure burst of cilantro. They begin the get a bit tough when they start to deepen in their green coloring and then they move through a gray stage into a light tan.  We harvest the dried coriander off the plant, sort of taking the heads off as we go.  They are round and thus EXTREMELY easy to sort in a tray from chaff much like you would do round beans on a gravity table.  You just sort of roll them around on tray a hand full at a time like you were panning for gold.

I am still working on the best way to mill.  It is important to keep them whole until you need to mill this will keep the flavor as strong and fresh as possible.  A coffee mill works great.  Those metal burr seed mills work OK, but I think a spice should be wrecked down as fine as possible so you get flavor and not texture...this is a personal thing.  Texture is fine and not a bad thing.  I just like to make my spices as smooth as possible.

All of this is still in its infancy.  I have a design for an awesome stack drier with an air handling system that I hope build this year, so I can dry about 15 to 40 pounds at a a time.   I want to increase herb production so I can do simple dried teas and spice packets.  I also need to get a feel for where I need to head in food safety and inspection when cross over from cottage food (can anyone make help me out there?).

We are also hoping to produce a horseradish sauce and a do a larger batch of our "pho-capers".

Muhahaha...and from there its a simple step to collect evil minions to take over the world.  :)

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On May 1, 2012, at 9:22 PM, Barking Cat Farm wrote:

> Richard,
> do you pick the green coriander at a certain stage? Cut the whole plant? After seeing your email, I googled around for information which seems to be scarce & conflicting. Do you dry the green coriander down at all before delivery? Basically, would you mind sharing the harvest criteria & post harvest handling you use for the green coriander?
> Thanks,
> Kim
> Barking Cat Farm
> Texas
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