[Market-farming] negative farmers market tv news stories

idyllwild farm idyllwildfarm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:14:15 EDT 2012

Just wanted to let folks know that in Cinci last week and Cleveland this
week, investigative tv news people have
cast an eye to the danger that farmers markets represent to America because
customers could get dangerously
sick. At least in Cinci, they had to admit that there are no reported cases
with the health department of anyone ever reporting a food borne illness
that came from a farmers market. But they did "catch" a newer vendor who
was selling
cheese from a cooler that was too warm at one market. Not sure if the
reporter thought the vendor, market or health
department was responsible.
I'm sure other outlets will pick this up, especially if they see
advertising potential.
Good Luck,
Mike Hass
Idyllwild Farm
Melbourne, KY
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