[Market-farming] Surviving the June 29 Derecho

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It started not far from here in West Chicago, which is about 40 miles straight west of the big city. It is an old town with lots of very old oak trees. Many of them were blown down by the winds, which were estimated at 90 mph at times. I know of no growers who were impacted, but the power was off for some folks for a week (and it got very hot!), and major highways were so littered with debris it took more than 48 hours to get some of them opened up. I worry that this is going to happen more often with the voliatility between extremes being a result of climate change.

So Marlin, if you decide to forward with your Rolling Thunder tunnel, I think the anchors will be cheap insurance. The structure should be viable for 20+ years, so the risk of a repeat event is considerable. And best wishes for a full recovery from the Lyme's disease infection.


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we had zero damage but did get almost an inch of rain from that storm (and a marvelous cool down-in a matter of minutes we went from 104F to 65F). But we were about 50 miles from the beginning of the storm so the winds were at best 65mph for maybe 3 minutes than dropped to 40 mph for maybe 1/2 hour while it rained heavily. The only thing we had happen was all of our row covers we had not already removed came flying off and 2 were ripped to shreds on a fence But it did quickly gain strength and by the time it hit Dayton, OH (about 10 minutes later) it was full strength and doing a lot of damage and injuring a lot of people.

This storm really reminded me of a tsunami of wind rolling for hundreds of miles. It was a really strange storm.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH

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