[Market-farming] NITEGuard pest Control lights

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Fri Jul 13 19:34:00 EDT 2012


We've not tried the NITEGuard lights, but somebody posted on this list quite some time ago that they had brought some in. If you can find it in the archive, maybe you can follow up with that person directly. 

We decided to not try them because we have very heavy deer pressure and could not afford to try something (else) that was not known to be effective. We came to the "possibly doesn't work" opinion on these lights based on somebody else posting to one of the lists that they'd tried them with no long-term success, as Allan described. 

Having said that, those who know deer behavior much better than us say the key with something that's not going to leave a lasting impression such as an electric fence is to not let it sit static for very long. So with these lights, they'd need to be moved often so the deer don't learn they are not going to harm them. I've no idea how often they'd need to be moved. 

One thing we have learned about deer first-hand is they are very smart & very agile, particularly with respect to food. 

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