[Market-farming] Bean beetle control

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 14:43:46 EDT 2012

We get acceptable Mexican bean beetle control with the purchased parasite
Pediobius.  This would be too late for the heavily infested beans you have
out (takes time to build their number), but may be worth a try for new
plantings of beans.

We like the idea of a tiny wasp that searches and destroys most bean beetle
larva, and the idea that each larva thus found produces many more wasps.

This is the only bean beetle control we've used for multiple years, on
several hundred row feet of pole beans per year.

For effective use of the Pediobius wasp, this appears to be one area of
life where it's worth reading and following the instructions.

Richard in SW VA

> Also, my last planting of beans has been hit pretty hard by bean
> beetles, inspite of weekly spraying with pyrethreum  I'm wondering if
> anyone is having luck controlling bean beetles (for example: is that
> bean beetle bT still off the market?)
> Thanks
> _Allan in WV where the heatwave is coming back next wk
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