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First, I just want to say that I really appreciate all of you who contribute
to this list.  I've learned so much--you're invisible mentors!  


Second, how do I search the archives?  I see you can look through the
various months, but is it possible to search for, say, "cultivation" and
come up with ALL the entries from the past years?


Third, our farming methods need to become more efficient.  We currently weed
by hand, seed with an earthway push seeder, and transplant by hand.  I
should say, we do that when we can!  We've also become "long term" foster
parents to four siblings (no, they're not old enough to be a farm crew!).
We do have a MF 165 that we bought last year.  We use it for tilling,
disking, and hilling/digging potatoes.  It's great, but now I need to do a
better and faster job with the seeding/transplanting/cultivating.  It seems
that most mixed-veg farms have two tractors-one for the heavy work, and a
smaller tractor for cultivation/seeding.  


We grow a mix of crops for a non-traditional CSA.  There are four acres in
production, though at least half of that is in cover crop, typically.  We
plant squash and tomatoes as one-row crops, but many of our crops are
planted 2 rows to a bed(peppers, eggplant, potatoes, leeks), 3 rows to a bed
(like carrots, beets), sometimes 4 rows (onions, radishes), and even more
dense for things like lettuce mix and arugula.  Each bed is 200' long, and
almost 5' wide (the width of the tiller, does not include the tire tractor
tracks).  I'm willing to change the planting layout, but am just not sure
what equipment would most suit our needs.  I could also move the tires on
the MF so that the tiller just makes a "clean slate" of the field and a
smaller tractor could imprint the bed layout.  


There is a Farmall 140 for sale with cultivators nearby (a later version of
the Super A).  I think I can make it work for our current system, but is
there something more appropriate for multi-row beds?  

Is an Allis G worth waiting/paying for?   They seem hard to find.

What are your "systems"-what do you use for tillage, seeding, transplanting,

How are your rows/beds/fields set up?  

If you could start over, what would you do differently?  What would you do
the same?


Thank you!

Jessica Runge



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