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Thank you.  Our cooler is a unit designed to keep things cold, not cool them
- a huge air conditioner.  We keep a bucket under the unit to catch the
condensate, but it's been empty for a while.  I'll go throw some water over
the bags of carrots (though the ones I was using were in closed Buckhorns).


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I always address these things first by remembering that these are living
organisms. They have limited abilities but they can respond to their
environments. Carrot roots are pretty dormant at 35 degF but they may be
searching for moisture. The surface cells of the root may be getting a
little too dry. They may be producing hair roots to find a source of
moisture. That might explain why MAsteveINE's carrots aren't. They have
moisture in the sand meeting the roots' requirements.



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Did you leave any in the ground? I would like to hear a comparison.


Mine, the few that were left, went in sand in a 5 gallon bucket, and though

 they are in good condition, there must have been a few worms started in

as more and more of them are working their way up through the crop.


2008 crop canned in glass jars are keeping well; 





How do folks keep carrots from sprouting roots?  I have mine at 35, in the
dark.  They are already beginning to get hairy.  Bolero and Necoras, plus
Purple Haze.  Not too many yet, but it is starting and I hoped to have them
at market at least through March.


Beth Spaugh

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