[Market-farming] Crop planning software

KAKerby at aol.com KAKerby at aol.com
Thu Jan 26 10:03:17 EST 2012

Thanks Jen.  It'll be even more impressive if I can actually follow  the 
darn schedule.  Need a feature in Excel to shake the bed soundly in the  
morning, kick my butt outside even when its raining, have me do one more hour of  
work even when I'm cold and tired and hungry, and perhaps put an 
auto-drive-home  feature in my truck so that I'm quick in town and don't linger.  Then 
as a  bonus, shove me out the farm gate for a day off once in awhile 
whether I think I  need it or not.  Now THAT would be some nice farm management 
software  (firmware???).
Kathryn Kerby, who has a date with cleaning out the chicken barn today  
(oooh, I can't wait)
Snohomish, WA
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jenanddereksfarm at gmail.com writes:

Great  ideas and responses to this, thanks everyone.  Kathryn, your system 
is  pretty impressive.  

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