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I have been using homeopathy for my livestock for 20 years, but I've just  
gotten started with homeopathy for plants.  We used it when someone hit one  
of our fir trees going 45mph, and resulted in a huge chunk of bark being 
torn  away.  That tree has apparently recovered well from its ordeal, but 
they're  so long lived the real test will be to see how well it continues to do 
over the  passage of years. Not exactly the type of field trial to tell us 
how well  something works.
I do have a single book on the topic but I haven't gone through it  yet.  I 
plan to use this approach if/whenever I have disease  issues in individual 
plants or plantings that I can't seem to trace back to  more common issues 
(ie, nutrition, temperature, moisture, etc). For  both plants and animals, we 
look first to the diet and environment to  make sure that everything the 
organism needs is actually being provided.  A  lot of times a correction there 
takes care of things.  Only after  we've covered that base, and/or we 
already know the diet and environment are in  good shape yet we have some acute 
issue, do we look for additional  ways to treat incidents of disease.  I 
remember seeing some individual  plants in the various greenhouse plantings last 
year that seemed to have  "trouble" despite all their neighbors doing well, 
like the individual tomato  seedlings which spontaneously just suddenly 
weakened and keeled over for no  obvious reason.  I might experiment with that 
type of issue this year and  see if I can figure out either a curative or 
preventative treatment.  In  all that spare time I have laying around.  :)
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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Anybody  have any experience -- good or bad -- with agrohomeopathy?    

_http://hpathy.com/agrohomeopathy/ask-the-plant-doctor-december-2011/_ (http://hpathy.com/agrohomeopathy/ask-the-plant-doctor-december-2011/) 

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