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Excellent observation.  I didn't do that on mine, and it would have  made 
year-to-year maintenance a whole lot easier.  Maybe I'll start a  
"improvements to be made" file for Master Calendar 2.0 in 2013.  But it's  planting 
season now, so that particular task will have to wait.  Funny  how winter seems 
so long sometimes, yet winter projects just sort of  all suddenly take a 
back seat at the end of January.
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish, WA
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I have  one specific comment on interlinking lots of Excel worksheets 
within one  file.  If you have a number such as the number of CSA members 
which  you would like to change in one place and then have the changes 
apply to  lots and lots of formulas in the file, you should consider 
defining a  "name" (such as NumberOfCSAMembers) for the one cell with the 
number of  CSA members and then refer to that name in all of your other  
formulas.  You can look up in the Excel help how to define and use  
names.  It's pretty simple, it makes your formulas much easier to  type 
and understand, and your formulas will stay the way you want them  when 
you move, copy, paste, fill cells, etc.


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thanks Richard.  I've been using  an open source version of Microsoft Excel
for the past 5 years and had  bought the crop planning book last year as it
seemed really highly  reccomended.  What I'm finding however is that the
spreadsheet  templates they give do not have formulas and I'm having trouble
linking  sheets.  My vision is that if all sheets are property linked that
next  year when I change the amount of CSA members I have that sheets  will
automatically calculate the proper information.  The book seems  to want you
to copy and paste data which is fine for this year but when the  CSA numbers
or restaurant projections change I'll have to recopy and paste  all over
again.  Maybe what I should have asked for in the last e-mail  was a good
spreadsheet tutorial website!!  thanks again for the  response,


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