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Etienne - I'd be very interested in seeing how you use Google Docs at
market.  We have WiFi at one of our farmers markets so could access it

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On 12-01-24 12:16 PM, Jen and Derek Campbell wrote:
> thanks Richard.  I've been using an open source version of Microsoft
> Excel for the past 5 years and had bought the crop planning book last
> year as it seemed really highly reccomended.  What I'm finding however
> is that the spreadsheet templates they give do not have formulas and I'm
> having trouble linking sheets.  My vision is that if all sheets are
> property linked that next year when I change the amount of CSA members I
> have that sheets will automatically calculate the proper information. 
> The book seems to want you to copy and paste data which is fine for this
> year but when the CSA numbers or restaurant projections change I'll have
> to recopy and paste all over again.  Maybe what I should have asked for
> in the last e-mail was a good spreadsheet tutorial website!!  thanks
> again for the response,

Similar experience here.  I have started to automate a lots of their
spreadsheets by adding formulas, but eventually gave up and built my
own.  Now, I have everything on a single spreadsheet.  The process is
not as exhaustive as their, but I find it more intuitive.  I was quite
happy with going through their process for my first season, though.  I
think the way they approach planning (start with sale objective, working
your way up) is fundamentally sound.  I still recommends the book, even
though I use my own system now.

BTW, I strongly second the recommendation of Google Docs from Richard.
Not having all your data tied to a single computer, not having to worry
about backup, being able to look back at the history of the file and
being able to collaboratively edit a document are features that really
makes Google Docs my favorite office suite.  Of course, its feature-set
is limited compared to MS Office and LibreOffice, and it sometime has
funny bugs, but the above more than make up for it.
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