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Sounds great.
Todd Lister

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> Any experience with:
>  *Bell Bean OG* *Vicia faba* Annual vigorous small-seeded fava bean which
> can be planted in very early spring, germinating and growing well in soils
> between 35–45°. Also good sown in fall—grows even as the snow falls. Growth
> slows in hot weather. Will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and pH.
> Bell beans are a great choice for a green manure, providing large amounts
> of biomass and nitrogen, as much as 100#/acre in just six weeks, up to
> 220#/acre in a season. Excellent sheep forage. Aggressive taproot breaks up
> hardpan and mines the subsoil nutrients for succeeding crops. Attracts bees
> and beneficial insects. Highly recommended. Seed at a rate of 80-170#/acre,
> 2-4#/1000 sq ft. Certified organic.
> Text from Organic Growers supply site, and is very similar to
> the  mainepotatolady.com
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