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I would be careful with all that compost. Roots, especially parsnips, tend to fork with too much fertility. Also this may cause excessive hairiness.  It is important that the necessary nutrients be available but roots do not require much fertility. Often forking is blamed on compaction, which can certainly be a cause, but it isn't the only reason. 

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Were it me, and it has been, I would run the 
biggest available chisel tooth where the
row is planned, then my TroyBilt with the hiller 
furrower without the wings, this furrow I would fill
with compost, plant the parsnips, drip as needed or 
every 2 weeks with water running
200ppm N of water soluable 20-20-20.
Keep in mind that with heavy mulch, even whole 
small square bales of hay, depending  on climate,
this is a crop which can be harvested from October 
to June from one planting.

>We want to grow parsnips.  We have heavy clay soil with a  high ph, any 
>suggestions on which variety may be the most well 
>Don Lareau
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