[Market-farming] Forage Radish harboring brassica diseases? (was Forage radishes)

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Sat Jan 14 00:45:32 EST 2012

Hello All,

I have been very interested in using tillage radish to break up the hard
pan.  Two seasons ago I had black rot "appear" in one field and this last
season I had a different field that had cecropia leaf spot severly in my
beets.  I know cecropia can be carried by many common "weeds" I've got
(i.e. lambs quarters), but I'm wondering about tillage radish.  I would
really like to use the tillage radish for my hard pan, but am willing to
skip the radish if it may add to my disease "pressure".  Am I just being
paranoid (lost all my fall brassicas due to black rot that one year) or are
my fears "reasonable" : ) ?

Ben Saunders
Turtle Farm
Granger, Iowa

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 11:19 PM, Richard Stewart <rstewart at zoomtown.com>wrote:

> Our experience in soft loam soil is that they have a good amount of above
> ground root exposure.  The Tillage Radishes we planted were a bit different
> than daikon.  Root formation was a bit different and more resembled a cross
> between a giant icicle and a daikon.  The tap root was LONG but the top
> root not so well formed as a daikon with a taper.  Vegetative growth was
> awesome though and provided an excellent green manure and smother wince
> wilted after first freeze.
> An interesting thing to note.  At last year's OEFFA Conference were show a
> series of slides showing good result from direct no-till planting corn into
> the radish bed in the spring.  No subsoiling or cultivation prior.  Yields
> were in par with those on the control beds using side dressing and subsoil
> prior to planting.  Lots of variables there of course so I am not
> suggesting you do it, but something to think about and play around with.
> I also use tillage radish for micro seeds and they seem to do well.
>  Several companies out there offer them pretty cheap, untreated (but not
> organic certified), by the 50# bag.
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