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You're correct that the number includes pathways.  When I have pulled
plants, there have been roots under the walkways, not as much as in the row
itself, but they are going in all directions.  The bulk of the root growth
is parallel to the drip lines, which is what I would expect.

Out in the field I plant single rows with 18-24" between plant spacing
depending upon variety with 36+" between the rows.  The plants are heavily
mulched, irrigated via drip and trellised using the Florida weave style


On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Don Lareau <dlareau at tds.net> wrote:

>  But is that including your pathways, I come up with 1.8, as we have them
> planted on 18" staggered, but that is just 'in the bed.' there are 15"
> pathways on either side too which would change the equation to 4.7.  But
> since that ground is compacted etc I am not sure how much root growth is
> happening there.
> Do you do the same in the field?
> We also plant in plastic so it is nice to have two rows per piece of
> plastic...
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