[Market-farming] marketing dry beans

mamica5 at sssnet.com mamica5 at sssnet.com
Tue Jan 10 09:02:15 EST 2012

Hi all?
Does anyone grow dry beans for sale...by dry beans...I mean black turtle
beans, chile beans, black-eyed peas? I've grown them for myself and am
considering growing more for sale at a local farmers market that is a year
round market. I was thinking they might boost my bottom line in Dec-Mar.
  However..our manager hesitated to take the few extra lbs I had this
year..so I am not sure I want to order more seed.  We were both
uncertain about food safety regulations concerning them and whatever
else restrictions might be out there.  I couldn't find much on the net. 
I am located in Ohio and she was uncertain about the "dry'
aspect...although they mature on the plant and are harvested dry.

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