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I'm in Fort Collins at latitude 40 and 5000' elevation.  We have an 
inordinate amount of bright sunlight through the winter that I feel is key 
to the growth I experience.  I'm on the plains just east of the foothills, 
so get very high winds.  Not much else to speak of in the way of 

The most I pay in electricity to run my thermostats and fans is $15 month, 
and that's only for about 4 months.  The high tunnel size is 20x40, with 280 
sq ft planted.

I'm in the process of creating a blog that will have all of my year end 
reports with data, pictures, building process etc.  I have wanted to share 
with this group but have been waiting till I had a couple of seasons under 
my belt to be sure it was consistently successful.  I'll let you know when 
it's up.


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> Vern,
> The high tunnel is heated by warmer air that is drawn from a duct near the 
> high point and sent underground to lengths of perforated French drain pipe 
> that run the length of the tunnel.  The ground acts like a "heat sink", 
> never freezing even in our subzero temps.  The subsurface air that is 
> displaced by the warmer air is then exhausted into the growing space.  The 
> key I'm finding is to plant the kind of vegetables that will take extremes 
> of temperature in a day, and not really mind freezing every once in a 
> while.   The greens I have growing can be frozen solid in the morning and 
> thaw when the sun warms the space - and they remain in perfect condition.
> I'm happy to relay more information if you like.   I've been doing a 
> formal study for the local university so have all kinds of data... I got 
> the design for this system from this website, which goes into all the 
> detail you'd ever need.   http://sunnyjohn.com/indexpages/shcs.htm
> Sandy
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> From: Vern and Amy <vaspencer at sisna.com>
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> Sandy,
>    Very innovative idea.  I will check out the site.  I would be
> interested in more information on your trials, as would probably others
> here.  Do you mind giving your location and any special microclimate
> details, which may be relevant to someone evaluating whether this may
> work for them?  Thanks.
> Vern
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