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I think AgSquared has/had plans to include livestock eventually.  I think
they are trying to start out doing a good job of a manageable piece of the
pie, get the kinks worked out, and then expand it.


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I started playing with it yesterday.  I'm about to log in today to do more
setup, after which I'll compare to some home-grown planning tools along with
Market Forms.  Not sure which I'll end up using as my main planning tool
this year.  But AgSquared has some nice features (as I thrash around
learning how to make stuff work).


Along similar lines, I'd be curious if anyone on the list involved with
livestock has any favorite livestock management software.  I would have
liked to find one piece of software to manage both the crops half and the
livestock half of the farm.  But apparently that's more difficult than
putting people on the moon.

Kathryn Kerby, on her first cuppa this morning


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Over a year ago a thread ran on this list about a new farm management
software program in development called AgSquared. Its been a while but it
appears to have been released, at least on a trial basis. You might find it
interesting if you are running a farm business. You can check it out at
http://www.agsquared.com/ . I have no financial interest in it. I just think
it might be useful to folks on this list. I signed up for a trial membership
so I could learn more about it. I do think it might be a good tool for
managing a market farming business.



William H. Shoemaker

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