[Market-farming] sweet corn?

MAsteveINE MAsteveINE at 207me.com
Tue Jan 3 13:11:19 EST 2012

I would say 'in for a dime= in for a dollar' there is not much way to save money and get a crop,

however, with a a captive audience, I would skip the earliest part and plant into warm soil, 

with a second early variety which will give a more impressive ear.

You did not say organic or conventional; either way I would get onto a 3-4 day spray 

schedule during silking............recently I have had decent result with the certified 

spinosad products. A detrermined, athletic young farmer (as on Johnnys 2012 cover)

could handle an acre or so with a backpack as only wetting the silk is necessary.


  Anyone have a suggestion for an easy-to-grow sweet corn variety for my  
  CSA this year?  I have been hesitant to get into this crop, but I  
  thought I'd give it a try this year, just one or two large early- 
  season successions.  Advice appreciated!


  Erin Bullock, Mud Creek Farm
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