[Market-farming] agsquared

Burke Farm burkefarm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 13:10:19 EST 2012

Hi folks,

I spent a lot of yesterday messing around with agsquared.  It's nice,
but it's not everything I hoped it would be.

  For those of us who are used to a spreadsheet, the data entry is
time-consuming.  And, as a market farmer, I can't imagine having to re
enter all my crops and successions every year.  The beauty of my
spreadsheet is I can copy the whole thing, change the year and the
beds, and have 80% of my work done for the next year.

It also doesn't appear to have a feature for recording yield data.
You can do predicted harvest quantities, but I at least have not found
a way to plug in & compare actual yield.  This is something I could
really use a tool for, because I'm very bad about recording all my
harvest data on little pieces of paper and 3 different notebooks, and
then never doing anything with them after that.

The calendar is neat, but not everything I had hoped for.  It has a
pretty user interface, but I'm not sold on spending 4$/ month yet.
Oh, and the farm mapping tool?  Nice idea.. but drawing the exact size
of my outbuildings and fields with a mouse and no way to just type in
the dimensions = frustration.

Lisa Burke
Farming Engineers LLC
z 5, Central IN
very happy the lime truck came today.

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