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Last winter I built a homemade vacuum seeder for plug trays.  I wish now I had done that years ago!  I run it off of our shop vac, and it cost next to nothing.  I had some thin sheet metal laying around, built a frame out of 1x4 wood, and then inserted the sheet metal just inside the 1x4 frame.  Put a piece of plywood on the bottom of your 1x4 frame, seal it with some caulking, and insert a piece of pipe (with a tap on it outside) just inside the box.  Finally, drill some tiny holes to suit your tray size.  (I made one for50's, 72's and 244)  If you check the market farming archives, I think I posted about this with a little more detail last spring.  

It worked great for any round shaped seeds, and saves tonnes of time, even if I only seed a tray or two of each variety, versus seeding by hand.  I get all of my lettuce seed pelleted, even before using this because I foudn that really speeded up seeding, even by hand. With the homemade vacuum seeder it means the difference between being able to use it or not!  It didn't work well enough to use on crops like peppers, tomatoes, or non pelleted lettuce seeds.  Pelleted onions worked well, but non-pelleted onions did not work well.  

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  Anyone have an opinion about vacuum seeders for plug trays?  Which one works best?  Are they worth their cost?  Will it be practical if we are just doing a tray or two of each variety of seed?




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