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We sell ours, harvested in bulk, out of the ground at 12.00 per pound at market and 8.00 for chefs.  This is a VERY cheap price, but we can harvest and grow a lot a that price AND make money.  There are little costs involved here other than water and seeds.  They are planted, germinated, and harvested in about 9 days.  We go through about 40 pounds of radish seeds a month for this crop.  We ONLy do radish and they are used by themselves as well as "texture" in our salad mix.

If you are selling by the tray its difficult to do it that cheaply price-wise.  When we did it, we used 12" by 14" trays.   Each try was sold to and returned at a cost of 11.00 to 16.00 to the chef.  Total amount of green, by weight varied from 4oz (minutae) to 12oz (grey pea shoots).

There is a vendor across from as at market that sells them in peat, probably a dozen and a half different varieties and wheat grass fro juicing.  His prices are higher.

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