[Market-farming] Weed and Till cultivators

Andy Fellenz artisanfarms at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:38:02 EST 2012

I have an antique cultivator which looks very similar to the "weed and
till".It isn't much harder to push than a Planet Jr.  The biggest problem I
have had with mine is getting rocks stuck in it.  It works fine in sandy
loams, but doesn't like gravelly soils at all.


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 10:20 PM, Marlin Burkholder <
burkholders at glenecofarm.com> wrote:

>  I’ve been doing some thinking recently of a hand pushed cultivator
> called “Weed and Till” offered by some garden supply places.  It consists
> of a rolling cylinder with sharp steel cleats designed to roll down and cut
> up weeds and clods followed by a five shovel cultivator, and looks to be
> about 18 inches wide.  I would use it to clean up and prep seedbeds inside
> high tunnels.  It looks like it would be a bear to push by hand.  I am a
> pretty big guy and should be able to handle it if anybody could.  However I
> find the pictures of them to be a little intimidating.  Has anyone used
> these things?  Are they worth considering?  JSS has their “Tilthier” which
> looks pretty clever but I bet it would go through a rechargeable power tool
> battery pretty fast and it looks a little pricey.
> Marlin Burkholder
> Virginia
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