[Market-farming] Keeping "Rolling Thunder" on the ground.

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Sat Feb 25 20:22:08 EST 2012

Keeping "Rolling Thunder" on the ground.Were I spending $7000.00 for a greenhouse package I would demand certain things from the vendor.

First off I want the information regarding loads  that the structure is designed to handle without failing.

I want to know of the foundation system that they are supplying and if other componants are to be supplied by me.

I want to know that my soil type that I am placing the structure on (information supplied by my soil professional) is
satisfactory for their plans and product.

Further I want all this information contained in drawings and specifications to have been reviewed, signed and
sealed by an engineer qualified to do so.

Lastly I want these documents and anything connected with them included in the quoted price of the structure.

I would consider spending for an hour or two with my lawyer before submitting all this to the vendor for
to check for  things I left out.




I would be interested in others' experiences with "Rolling Thunder" tunnels and what they think would be sufficient to hold them on the ground during the near hurricane force winds which we can expect every spring.
I really don't want to take many risks with an investment of $7000 per tunnel even if the government is going to pay for part of it.

Marlin Burkholder
Shenandoah Valley

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