[Market-farming] Jang seeder and Beets

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Tue Feb 21 13:23:22 EST 2012

You might try removing the metal thingy with the black felt on it to do
beet seed with the Jang.  In my experience, the rough, corky beet seed
chews up the felt and it does not flow well out of the seeder with this
part of the seeder in place.  I had simlar headaches with the Earthway with
beets: it transplants clumps and then nothing and then clumps.  I've
switched to transplanting all my beets with a paper chain pot transplanter (

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Shanti Rade <shanti at whipstone.com> wrote:

> Greetings -
> We have also been very happy with our Jang seeder.  We have a gang of 8 on
> a 3 point hitch attached to our tractor.  It has worked well for carrots,
> salad mix (lettuce) and all the round seeds as others have mentioned. It
> has been a vast improvement over the Planet Jr's and Earthway we used
> previously.  I also use the earthway for peas, but the beans worked in the
> jang last year.  It does take some time to figure out the settings,
> sometimes it takes 2 or 3 plantings to see the results before you figure
> out exactly how you want it - so keep very careful notes while you are
> planting and note the final results. The rollers and other parts are
> expensive (way overpriced in my opinion), but the savings in proper spacing
> and using less expensive seed is quickly made up.  I do have a questions
> for others: has anyone found a good roller size (or other trick) for beets
> with the Jang.  They get all stuck in the holes for me.  I am currently
> using the earthway (seed comes up way too thick) or transplanting in clumps
> of 3-4 from 128 cells - also a pain. Thanks for you help.
> Shanti Rade
> Whipstone Farm
> Paulden, AZ zone 7
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