[Market-farming] For those who have built tunnels using Johnny'shoops bender

Todd Lister toddlister1 at gmail.com
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This approach is not unusual and as a 35 year builder I have total
confidence in the bracing.
My example is applied to a house made of 1.5" pipe.
The original question was likely much smaller pipe.
I would have no issue with this approach as long as there was corner
Connectors can be an issue. Commercial hoop house manufacturers offer
houses with 4'+ side walls.
It's all about the bracing.
Farmtek also has tall wall houses.

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Tom <tomsgardens at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I haven't built one of these structures, but I have some building
> experience and I would be quite concerned about putting 2 feet of the post
> into the ground and leaving 4 feet out for the hoops to sit atop. That
> sounds very shaky to me. I doubt if these posts are designed to withstand
> the kind of force that would result from the weight of the structure plus
> wind acting on a four foot lever arm at the top of each post.  That's a lot
> of leverage for a thin steel post to resist.  In a moderate to strong wind
> I think one of two things would happen.  Either the posts would fail and
> bend at the ground level or they would rip out of the ground.  I would even
> worry about just the spreading force of the hoops being enough to bend the
> tops of the posts outward a bit -- maybe a lot.
> I built a Hanley-style hoop house and I had 13 two foot rebar lengths pull
> out of the ground simultaneously during a fairly strong wind, and that
> house had no flat sides.
> In short, I think you will need to build a more substantial four foot wall
> to rest your hoops on - something that can provide some serious lateral
> stiffness both along the length of the wall and perpendicular to the wall.
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