[Market-farming] For those who have built tunnels using Johnny's hoops bender

Etienne Goyer etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca
Sat Feb 18 12:37:49 EST 2012

Hello everyone,

I bought Johnny's "Quick Hoops" high tunnel bender.  Their instruction 
manual is really good, and I like their design.  I am planning on 
building two 100' tunnels this spring.  I have two questions for those 
who have built similar tunnels.

First, Johnny's tunnel are 7' high in the middle, which I find is a 
little low for trellised crop.  I would prefer something closer to 10' 
high.  I am thinking that, instead of cutting the 6' post in half, I 
would use the full 6' length of the post, leaving 4' sticking out of the 
ground (instead of 1').  I This would make a kind of straight "side 
wall" 4' high, on which the bows would rest.  This would obviously cost 
twice as much in post, but I think it is a fair trade off.  Have someone 
done something similar, and if yes, is the structure sound?

Secondly, how wide have you set the bows?  The example in the manual as 
a bow every 4'.  I am planning on using three purlins (one in the 
center, and two to attach the trellises to), so I am thinking the 
structure will be quite solid indeed.  I am thinking of having one every 
6' instead.  Would that be enough?  My only worry is water accumulating 
on the plastic above the purlins.

Beside, what was your experience?  Any tips to share?


Etienne Goyer  -  Le Jardin du Village

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