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I second this.  

PTO driven is a must.  This will allow you to stir your compost if you simply want to mix and pile in one location.  We have a New Holland identical to the one Steve linked to.  We use it to spread horse manure and compost.  We got ours for about 550.00 three years ago.  The previous owner had a rock or concrete that got lodged in the paddles and chain and torqued the entire gear box mounting.  We rebuilt and bent the side panel, added some reinforcement and now it works like a charm.  We just replaced the bottom this year with plywood sheeting.

As long as whatever you are spreading is "loose" and contains no large dense clumps or string of roots or stuff like Amaranth stems or Giant Rag weed (which you shouldn't spread anyways) it run anything from ag lime to leaves.  It's slice through compost with zero problems.

We also use a tracked skid steer for our smaller plots where we cannot fit a tractor with a spreader.  Dump and drag then wor-in in the spring.  

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