[Market-farming] T-22

Vern and Amy vaspencer at sisna.com
Fri Feb 17 00:54:07 EST 2012

I will look for an old container of Rootshield to see if it is also 
labeled for potatoes.  It may be a slightly different strain, but that 
may not make a difference, because it is just colonizing the plant 
before the bad stuff does.  T-22 also purports to help all seeds be more 
productive.  There may be some studies available online.

David Ronniger, a former seed potato grower who introduced German 
Butterball to the U.S, turned me onto T-22.  I have low pH (5.5) and put 
the spuds in new ground every year, so I don't know how much is due to 
the T-22 and how much is cultural practice and pH, but they keep coming 
out beautiful--not spotless, but better than I have seen some seed.

I'm not very technical.  Last year I dumped some T-22 in a bin of water 
and sloshed a mesh sack of seed potatoes in it.  The year before, I dug 
rills, had the kids drop the spuds in and I sprayed  the potatoes 
walking at a good clip before covering them with the tractor.  Ronniger 
dusts them in a machine before planting. 

Hope this helps.


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