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We bought our 60 gallon 3-pt mounted PTO-driven boom sprayer custom-built to our needs, via our local Kubota dealer, from Ag-Meier out of Belton, TX. We don't do tradition row cropping, so our bed width and spacing between beds is not "standard". It is very well-built, plus we added a couple of heavy duty options. It is very solid. We paid $2,450 in September 2009.  We've used it quite a bit, mainly for foliar fertilization, always with organic inputs.  It came with 2 sets of nozzles. That was the biggest sprayer they offered that we could safely tote full on the back of our tractors, both of which are Cat 1.  Ours included a small agitation motor for circulation, as that was a priority for us as well.

Here's their main page , http://ag-meier.net/  and sprayer page http://ag-meier.net/3pt.asp.

Northern Tool <northerntool.com>, Tractor Supply <tractorsupply.com>, Harbor Freight <harborfreight.com>, Atwood's <http://atwoods.com/>, Gempler's <http://www.gemplers.com/> also each have a variety of sprayers. Some have 3 pt, others have just pull behind, ATV, etc. Our experience in this area has been that Tractor Supply's 3 pt tools are not usually as heavy duty as Northern Tool, Gempler's, and what the tractor dealers sell. Just depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. The pricing I've seen on spraying rigs similar to ours from other places with with similar heavy duty build have ranged from much more expensive ($5k-$6k) to much less if you are handy enough to build your own. While I'm sure there are some out there, I've not seen one that is close to the features we got on ours with the ruggedness for less than we paid.  But then again we pretty much quit looking once we bought.

If I was mechanically inclined, I might have tried to build my own, but I'm not so I didn't. 

Hope that helps, and good luck,

Barking Cat Farm
Hunt & Rockwall Counties, North Texas 

On Feb 16, 2012, at 12:35 PMFeb/16/12, david purpura wrote:

> Hi All.  I'm looking to upgrade to something better than a backpack sprayer this year.  I'm growing on three acres and don't spray a lot, but want to be done with the back pack.  Mostly entrust on potatoes, and bt on brassicas, surround on cucurbits, and maybe foliar fish.  I picture mounting it on a super c with three point conversion and pto drive.  Any recommendations on model / type / source?
> thanks,
> dave
> plato's harvest organic farm
> se mass  
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