[Market-farming] Seeding issues

Bill & Izabella pureprairiefarm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 10:10:09 EST 2012

Hi Everybody,

How is your seeding going?  I am noticing a lot of early troubles
and I am beginning to think the vast majority of seed is extremely
nutrient deficient.

The other day some chard and spinach germinated and soon started
damping off despite sterile seed mix soil, gorgeous hot water bottom
radiant heat concrete germinating/growing pad, 70 degree air temp
and a gentle fan circulating the air.

I fed the seedlings a high calcium, high phosphorus, micronutrient
mix with some carbs and problems immediately stopped and plants
regained their vigor.

I have some friends germinating tomatoes for retail sales and 5 days
after emergence it is pale and weak and damping off despite the same
ideal conditions as above.

I thought seed had 21 days worth of food stored up inside.  These
new baby plants are horribly malnourished at an early age.

I am talking about seed from virtually every supplier; Johnnies, Burpee,
Wild Garden, Baker Creek, Ball, Seed Savers, etc.

Is agronomic practices among seed growers really that bad?  Why am I
having to rescue these plants at 5 days after emergence?

I don't mind if seed growers use various chemicals to protect their crops
but at some point they have to feed the plants.  Are things really this bad
or is it just me?  I can't figure out what could possibly be wrong that
are this disappointing this fast.

Any thoughts?

Chicago area, 5b I think.  They changed the map again.
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